How do I import attributes in Total Import PRO?

The Total Import PRO allows the import of attribute groups, names and values. It provides full support for the OpenCart attribute entity.

The field name (the XML tag or CSV column heading that you mapped at Step 4) will be used for the Attribute name, and the value in the field for each product will be used for the Attribute value. If you wish to import a particular attribute structure including attribute group you can do this by using a ':' separated list in your attribute field. This is then formatted as follows:


The Total Import PRO creates the appropriate attribute group, attribute name and attribute value.

Here is an example that will create an Attribute Group called "CPU", with an Attribute called "Speed", and will add the attribute to the product with value "1.6GHz".


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    How to add more than 1 attribute for same product?

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    this is not working, sorry mine is CSV Import Pro. what should the heading for the custom attributes in excel file. reply quickly. or else please provide me a sample excel sheet with custom attributes

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    Алексей Сысин

    If this option is found the characters ":" - an error occurs.

    What to do?

    Example xml:

    <param000000037>settings:Contrast:1000:1</ param000000037>

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    A demo file can be found here:

    The ":" character is required for importing name and group with Total Import PRO, it won't cause the import to fail.

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    Алексей Сысин

    as such errors there, but if the parameter value is ":" (example 1000:1), the processing is incorrect

    <param000000037> settings: Contrast: 1000:1 </ param000000037>

    of the code should look like:

    settings => Contrast = 1000:1

    and the result is:

    Contrast => 1000 = 1

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    Алексей Сысин

    <param000000037> settings: Contrast: 1000:1 </ param000000037>

    1) settings - group_name

    2) Contrast - attribute_name

    3) 1000:1 - attribute_value

    but because the code is not three but four characters** ":"** is the wrong treatment !!!

    what to do?

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    I really appreciate the fact that the folks at HostJars support this, but perhaps I don't understand the rationale for coding the attribute group in data rows.  

    Why not support this scheme in the header row or perhaps even a second heading row instead?

    In header row 1, specify the group names; a null value defaults to whatever was set by the previous non null value

    In header row 2, specify the user friendly column name followed by ':' followed by the SQL friendly column name

    I see a few benefits to this: 1) less problematic parsing, 2) seems more intuitive, 3) seems less redundant

    Here's an example CSV file showing this scheme:

    Header Row 1 -> Inventory Tracking,,,,Light Type

    Header Row 2 -> Brand:SupplierName,Group Code:Group,Product Number:UPC #,Model Name: UniqueModelNumber,LED:LED,Compact Florescent Light:CFL,Incandescent Light:IL


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    Daniel Sultan

    I've been trying to test your product with out success. I'm trying to only update the attributes.


    I downloaded your csv and changed the model number to match one of your store. I did full atribute structure and nothing happend.

    How can I test this for a CSV file?

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    Marcel Beerden

    Can we already import multiple attributes per product? It would be cool to have a syntax like this:


    So you can add multiple attributes to 1 group.

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