How do I import options?

Product options require a specific format for import with the Total Import PRO, but once you have this set up you have great flexibility and control over the product options you wish to create in OpenCart. Below is a description and examples of importing different product options. For a sample CSV file, please see

Multiple Product Options

Each product option you wish to import must have its own field in your CSV file, or its own tag in your XML file. If you wish to import Size and Color, you will have a column for each.

Multiple Product Option Values

If you wish to import multiple product option values per product, these must be separated by a | (pipe):


For example, if you are importing Size options, and the first product in your CSV file has two sizes, small and large, the value in that product’s row’s size column would contain:



If you wish to import a quantity, additional price, additional weight or sort order for a certain product option value, you can do this by creating a : (colon) separated list for each option value:


For example, if you are importing Size options, and your values are as follows:
Sizes: Small and Large
Small Quantity: 3
Large Quantity: 5
Small Additional Price: $2.50
Large Additional Price: $3.75
Small Additional Weight: 0
Large Additional Weight: 40
Small Sort Order: 1
Large Sort Order: 3
Small Required: yes
Large Required: yes

Then, the Size column in your CSV file (or the Size tag in your XML file) would contain the following:



If you wish to import only sort order, you must still specify everything to the left. This applies also to additional weight, price and quantity – you must always specify everything to the left, even if you just use arbitrary values (such as 0 for additional price and weight, and 1000 for quantity). The required field is optional. The default is "Yes" or "1" for required if not specified. If you wish to set the Required to No, set this parameter to "0".

For example, if you only wanted to import additional price, the Size column in your CSV file (or the Size tag in your XML file) would contain the following:


Option Values in Different Columns or Tags

Sometimes the option values will be present in different columns of your spread sheet. You might have:


Note: option_name would be the actual name of your option e.g: Size

In these cases, you can use the Step 3 operation 'Append Field to Field' separated by ':' in order to create the required format. This operation can be used many times in sequence, to add each required field to a : list.

Then, you can map your newly appended field as your option.

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  • Avatar

    How to do this using XML file ?

  • Avatar

    How to do this using XML file ?

    I ask this, how can you make with XML file, csv or only can,?

    Please a little help.

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    Led Lemputė


    how can you specify option type? Will it be select / checkbox / radio / other

    Now when I import option with three different values and quantities - Total Import creates select option type with my values.


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    I use Options Boost, which, as you may know, allows an image for each option to be shown on the product page.  I use a drop down to show the same product with various team logos.  When showing a gym bag for example, I could have as many as 100 teams and would like the customer to be able to see an image of their team logo as it appears on the gym bag.  Right now, i can only seem to manage 40-50 teams.  I try to add more but they fall off the list.  Can TIP help me work around this problem?  I'm using OpenCart 1.5.4, and the important items in the option list is Option Name, Qty, SKU, and image name, although I'd love to be able to add additional data too.  Ideas? Thanks, Bob

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    Raul Estrela

    Hi! Is it possible in options to set the "reduce from stock"  to "No". I see how to set quantity and other fields but I'm not seeing how to set de "reduce from stock" to "No". By default opencart set it to "Yes" but I want to set to "no".

    Thank you for any help.

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    Hi company use separate, with options ( , - + ) like this how can we  change when importing options??

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    And option have one or more options? if xml or csv have one option when we add some string. They will be affected by?

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    Yow Chuan

    Where's the support for this plug in? I have seen many questions asked by people who bought this add-on, including myself, but did not get any response from the developers.

    For importing options, please provide the full list of values that is supported by this plugin, for instance you have listed:


    What about  substract from stock, points? If it's not, please at least answer the questions posted by your customer- Raul Estrela since April 2013.

    The documentation is really lacking on this plug-in.

    Lousy customer support, poor documentation.

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    These have all been answered through our ticket system. A negative additional_price field will be automatically assigned the - suffix. A positive additional_price will be +.

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    Milan Pantic

    Hi Justin,

    My suplier do not have qty. option in XML.because every  product in XML file is available,and I cant map availability.

    The problem is that I still have products from previous imports in my store with Qty. "1",and I can not  change Qty. because that products in new import doesnt exist.




    My suplier                                                                                                                                          My store

    15.06. Toshiba notebook ,Acer notebook    >>>>>>>Import>>>>>>>    Toshiba notebook (QTY. 1),Acer notebook (QTY. 1)

    16.06. Toshiba notebook ,                               >>>>>>>Import>>>>>>>    Toshiba notebook (QTY. 1),Acer notebook (QTY. 1) 


    My store is filing with product that I do not have,is there any way to change this.Maybe to set  imported products to default qty. to "1",and before import I will change all products to zero qty?

    I hope you understand what I want to explain.Thanks

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    id like to know what was asked above:

    how can you specify option type? Will it be select / checkbox / radio / other ?

    Now when I import option with three different values and quantities - Total Import creates select option type with my values.

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    Got some helpful support in trying to learn this module in the very begining im ready to purchase but the only thing is before i purchase i want to know why sort order is not working in the csv , which is done exactly as specified. asked like 5 times but still no reply and i used the ticket system. its getting awfully frustrating cos i want my work finished and nobody can be bothed to get back to me.

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