Importing for multiple languages

The Total Import PRO supports some multi language fields.

The way to do this is to select the languages you wish to import during Step 2. Each language will then be available during the field mapping process of Step 4.

Step 2:


Step 4:



When mapping your fields, you would put any spanish content, like 'name_spanish' in the Spanish name field, and 'name_english' in the English flag field.

Similarly your Spanish description goes in the Spanish description field, and your English description in the English field.


Once mapped and imported the data will appear under the correct language tab in your Catalog -> Product Section.





We always recommend you always import for your default OpenCart language (usually English) even if you do not intend to use it. Sometimes products imported only for 2nd or 3rd languages will not appear in the admin panel if they do not exist for the default language.

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    Dawydo Lavin

    When I import Norwegian product descriptions, all letters like Ø Æ Å åø  bacome  "?" . For example: bøttle > b?tte . Any solution for this?

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    The issue you describe usually occurs due to file encoding problems. That is the file you are importing is not in UTF-8 format. There is an article covering one solution to this here:

    Another option is to use the new Advanced Option in Step 1, and set this to ISO or ANSI depending on what encoding your file is. This will also likely resolve the issue.

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    I think you should add support for multi language attributes to.  That would fix the extension and become awesome.

    Can it be done?

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    Graham Thomson

    I need to import dual languages for my attributes - any progress since the last user request please ?

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    Rudolph Spanner

    Hi, Total Import PRO ist a great Extension. I just wish it would support multi languages for attributes. And supporting filters and related products. This would make it THE perfect import tool. Is there any of these thre to expet in the near future? Or is there any other option to import multi language attributes?

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    Aleks Belikov

    Hi, is there an option to multi language import categories, options and attributes? I guess TIP does not support this?

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