Step 1 - Fetch Feed (Total Import Pro For OpenCart)


Feed Source:  Choose where the feed (CSV or XML file) should come from. select either an uploaded File or a URL. 


Import Feed URL:  This field shows up if you select 'URL' as the feed source. Put the URL in here.


'File Upload' box: Not pictured. This field will show up if you select 'upload file' as the feed source. Click the box and choose the file you wish to upload.


Feed Format:  Specify whether your feed is XML or CSV format.

CSV Field Delimiter:  Determines character used to split your CSV file columns.

XML Product Tag:  If you are uploading an XML file, you will need to specify the product tag surrounding each product (see details previous page). If you are uploading a CSV file, you will need to specify the delimiter used in your file.


First Row Is Headings:  Untick this if your first CSV row is not headings, just product values.

Use Safe Headings:  If there are blank heading rows, or invalid characters in your headings this will use default heading values instead.

Unzip Feed:  If you upload a zip file, or the URL you specify hosts a zip file, the module can automatically unzip it once it is fetched. Check the box to enable this functionality.

File Encoding:  The file encoding of your file. If you have a non UTF-8 file, or characters are not importing correctly. Change this to match your import file.

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    Colin Brimson



    Warning: ftp_get() [ function.ftp-get]: Can't open /total/Total.csv: No such file or directory in /home/c13shop/public_html/shop/admin/model/tool/total_import.php on line 763   I get this after installing clean 1.5.6  opencart and Galka theme it worked brfore on same but i wanted clean install all settings are correct and file exsists on server in root ?

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    Daniel Oluwagbemiga Ben-Daniel

    Hi, I have been battling to import an XML file it does not import. Rather at step 3 & 4, it does not show the preview of the file before import, the way it does for a CSV file. After export, it shows "0 Add", and "37 updates". Which means it does not add any file, only updates my existing files.

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    can not upload one file

    realy shit descripten

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    can not upload one file

    what is the product tag for XML

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    Vincenzo Fastcell
    I bought this module thinking to solve problems, to import the .csv on my site, but I have not solved anything. I purchased the service of installation and cron, but no one has ever given me this service I am weeks that I ask to support HostJars, but no one would answer. I want to expose one of the many problems I have with this form, I hope someone can 'help me. I try to import the .csv by URL, you enter the field delimiter correct, but I get the error "Warning: The delimiter you have chosen does not Seem to be correct!" Has anyone ever had this error ??? If you have it resolved you can indicate how to do? Thank you My email is [email protected]
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