Can I import downloads?

Uploading Downloadable Products

Here is an example of how products must be uploaded for successful import, this has to be done manually:

Upload the products to:


Reference the image in your CSV or XML file:


Importing additional download data:

It is possible to import additional downloadable product data. This does have to be in a certain format at the time of import.

The format is as follows:


Here is an example of what the feed field may look like:

product.mp3:Our MP3 song for sale:product_mp3:20:1

You do not need to include all the fields. If a field is not included a sensible default will be imported instead. The minimum required is the filename. If you wish to only import the filename and the description you can do so by providing only these two fields.

Importing filename and description:


Importing filename and description:

product.mp3:Our MP3 song for sale

Not working?

Here are a few common reasons why downloadable products don't work:

  • Invalid filenames. If your files have funny names (spaces, unusual characters, etc) you may have issues importing them. Try changing the name, or if you are fetching from a URL append a ? to the end of your image field. This indicates to the image fetching functionality that the filenames should be normalized.
  • Downloads are uploaded to the wrong folder.
  • Downloads are incorrectly referenced in the CSV or XML file.
If you check all these and still have issues, consider purchasing our Installation Service so we can diagnose the reason for you.
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    Total import pro is a fraud, It does not work and no customer support service as soon as you make purchase. i have written to them several times about the difficulty of importing products into opencart with the tool but the company is only interested in you making additional purchase without fixing your problem.

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    Is not true, I was write him and dey answer to me in 3 days / LOLL /

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