Can I import special prices?

The Total Import PRO supports import of all the product special fields supported in OpenCart. You do not need to specify all the fields, you can specify just the price, and the rest will be auto-populated for you with sensible default options. Please see below for details on formatting special prices in your CSV or XML file. If you require a sample CSV file containing the correct formatting, it is available here.

Special Price Format:


Example data:

Special price of 2.50 from January 7 to January 12

2.50:8:1:jan 7:jan 12

Special price 5 from December 10, 2014 to March 10, 2015


To import the special price your feed does not need all the fields, only the price. But if you wish to specify additional data for the special price (such as group and priority requirements) it has to be in this format. If you want only price, group and priority you can use:




Customer Group ID:

The Customer Group ID is the safest way to identify the customer group. You can also use the Customer Group's name, but you must make sure you use exactly the same name as the name of the customer group (even extra spaces will cause mismatches and incorrect import of this field).

The customer group id can be found by going to Sales -> Customers -> Customer Groups, select 'edit' on the customer group and you will see something like this in the URL of the page:


This is the ID for that particular group (in this example it is 8).

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    Raymond Beelen

    The end date does not work. this is what I import 2.06:8:1:dec 1:dec 31 and the end date is 0000-00-00

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    This should not be a current issue.

    I would recommend downloading the latest version which is always available from your account.

    If you are still experiencing issues, please feel free to send us a sample of the data you are trying to import and we should be able to help.

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    How would I import many special prices for many groups? I have 3 groups and each group will get its own special price for the same item. Shall I use <price>:<customer\_group\_id>:<priority>:<start\_date>:<end\_date>;<price2>,<customer\_group\_id2>:<priority2>:<start\_date2>:<end\_date2>,<price3>:<customer\_group\_id3>:<priority3>:<start\_date3>:<end\_date3>?

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    Laurentiu E

    I tried to import special prices but whatever period of time i set, always shows 103 days 15 hours ...

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