Blank Page after clicking "Import"

If you are redirected to blank page after clicking Import in Step 5, and only part of the products from your feed are imported, the import has been interrupted by a timeout. Anytime you run the import in the admin user interface, the import will be subject to the php limitations of OpenCart and your server. This usually results in a timeout if you are importing a large amount of products from your feed, such as 10k products or more.

We have 2 solutions to get around timeouts:

1. Run a partial import. In step 5, under Items to Import, set a range of products to import: For example, set the product range from 1-5000 products for the first import, then 5000-10000 for the next import. You can adjust the amount of products in import range to meet the server's limitations without timing out. 

2. Run the import in a cron job using a presaved settings profile: Imports run by cron job are not subject to your server's php limitations. 

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