How to use Simple Update in Total Import PRO

The Simple Update functionality was added to provide a faster method of updating a few stock fields for the products in the catalog. Oftentimes only a few necessary stock fields, such as quantity or price, need to be updated in order to keep the catalog up to date. Instead of updating all the product fields available to OpenCart, Simple Update will provide a surgical query to directly insert the simple fields mapped into the database. This will dramatically increase the speed of the update compared to mapping these fields separately in the regular update. 

Selecting Yes for the Simple Update options in Step 4 brings up the mappable simple fields: Quantity, Price, Product Status, and Special Price. It will also require a matching field to be mapped in Matching Fields, so that the existing product can be identified from your product catalog.

Selecting No will bring up all the available import fields for OpenCart and disable the Simple Update functionality.


We recommend using the Simple Update functionality if you have a large product load in the thousands to update; as it will allow for more frequent updates to your product catalog. This can be especially useful for drop shippers utilizing Total Import PRO to sync their product catalog with their supplier's. Using Simple Update is not necessary if you are adding new products or have a small product load.

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    HMMMM - this option is only on open cart, I buy this module last years for Presta shop and this option isnt on me table by import.

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