How Do I Install my Module?

This article will show you how to install your module using a FTP client such as Filezilla.

You may find your file in the Downloads section of your account, as illustrated here.
Once you have downloaded your module, open Filezilla (or your chosen equivalent).  

Log in to your directory to public_html/opencart.  In this example, we have saved VisitorCounter to our computer’s Desktop.  We now need to transfer the contents of the module’s catalog and admin folders from our desktop to our store’s catalog and admin folders.  This can be achieved by selecting and dragging the catalog and admin folders from the left side (Local Site) to the scroll bar on the right (Remote Site).  The content of these folders will automatically be sorted into their correct file path.


Once you have completed this task, you will need to enable permissions in your store.  You may do this by going to System > Users > User Groups > Administrator, and both modifying and accessing permissions for your new module, as illustrated in our article here.  After this step, if you have purchased an import tool, it should be available under System.

If you have uploaded a module, all that is left to do is enable your module in the administration.

Log into the administration side of the store, and go to Extensions > Modules (or Extensions > Product Feeds if you have installed a Feed tool such as Any Feed). In the list of core modules, we can see our Visitor Counter placed among the modules in alphabetical order. Click "Install" to use the module. The module can be edited under "Action" > "Edit". The status under edit will need to be enabled to see the module in the store front. 


With the new module installed in Extensions, you are now free to play around with its features in the administration interface to see how it changes the store front.

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