How Do I Upgrade My Module?

HostJars upgrades all modules for all new versions of OpenCart.  We also periodically release improvement-based upgrades to our existing modules, adding more features, maximizing existing functions, and ultimately making your OpenCart experience easier and more streamlined.  The following instructions will illustrate how to upgrade your module using a FTP client such as Filezilla.

Firstly, locate and download your upgrade from the Downloads section of your account as illustrated here.

Once you have downloaded your upgrade, open Filezilla (or your chosen equivalent), log in to your directory to public_html/opencart, and upload the files from your upgraded module to your store, just as you did when first installing your module (as illustrated here).

As you upload the files, you will be confronted with a notification, requesting permission to overwrite the existing files.  Select the "Overwrite" option, and select "Always Use This Action" AND "Apply to Current Queue Only," which will prevent you from having to grant permission for each file individually.  By overwriting these files, you are replacing your current module with the updated one.



Your upgrade is now complete!  You are now free to explore your new module.

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