OpenCart RESTful API

The OpenCart RESTful API module provides the framework by which you can access data from common or custom OpenCart data access functions. OpenCart has many internal functions to return products, customers, orders and other information. If you have another system that requires access to these, you can use this module to provide it.

This module is provided for developers with some understanding of how RESTful APIs work, the ability to write simple SQL queries to access data, and some OpenCart internal knowledge.

Here is an example query made once the RESTful API has been installed (the getProducts function is provided as an example):

The func parameter specifies which internal function you are calling. You will write your own functions. You can specify additional parameters as required by your particular function. These will be accessible in your functions.

The OpenCart RESTful API module provides a framework to support PUT, POST, GET and DELETE HTTP requests.

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    Sanjay S Nair

    How could I set a status code to the function called. Finding it difficult to set header status code on post request.

  • Avatar
    Magnus Lidström

    Please give some examples of POST (for example how to update stock level for a specific article). The documentation should have one example of each type of call (POST, GET, ....) and the related URL call.

  • Avatar
    Simon H.

    Is there some sort of protection implemented with this module like an API KEY?

  • Avatar
    Hector Lira

    I can do this module to connect to another database via web or user api key and api?

    I need to know before making the purchase.

    some of the products I want you to do 24 hours but only with api integration can, thank you very much

  • Avatar
    雅蓮 廖


    Can this tool allow me to add product/category/FAQ/download programly.

    I'd like to have a schedule job (C# program) to insert/update opencart's database. Thanks.

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