Automatic Search Indexing for Search Improved

This article assumes a certain level of understanding of technical concepts.

The Search Improved module index creation can be run from the command line in an SSH session, or automatically on a Cron Task, provided your webhost allows you to use these functions. This gives you an extra step of automation over running it manually from the admin of your store. It also allows you to avoid 30 second time limits usually applied by shared webhosts' default PHP settings, sometimes causing some products to not index and be searchable.

How it works

When you go to your search improved installation. Catalog -> Search Improved, you can set which fields to 'index' these are the fields that will be searchable. Once you have decided you select 'Create new index on save'. If you have a lot of products this will cause a timeout on the process. But all settings are saved. Once they are saved, they can be run from command line, or from a cron job.

The Cron Command

Use the following command to run the script on a Cron Task or through SSH:

php /home/opencart/admin/search_index.php

You will need to replace /home/opencart/ with the full path to your OpenCart installation.

We generally recommend you run your search index daily during low traffic hours.

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