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The Any Feed module allows you to create feeds for your 3rd party requirements. Or if you just need to edit some data and then re-import it.

Getting started with the Any Feed module is very easy.

First install the module using the instructions in the install.txt file. Once completed you can find the module under Extensions -> Products Feeds -> Any Feed.

Once inside the first think you want to do is create a new feed:


You can then select a name for the feed. And choose if you want to use a pre-existing feed setup.




Once completed your new feed is added to the page. You can now drag the fields you want included in the feed from the top fields area into your feed. Any field included in the feed, will be exported in the chosen feed.


Once fields have been added they appear in the list.


You can also decide the label of the feed, by providing this in the fields list:


Once you are done, don't forget to save as the feed will not be available until it has been saved:



Once saved you can view your feed at any time with the link under 'Feed Settings':


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    hi , i have bought in combo with total import and installed this feed but i think there are several flaws in it which makes it useless at eleast for me , i have at least 15.000 products in my store , when i try te create a feed , i get this error

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 10018004 bytes) even when try only to export a few fields , there is  no way to delimmit the feed to one category or split it up  , that what i think this feed needs ,  another tip i would like to give is giving the feed options to match the google merchant feed specs , thanks ahead for the response

    how sofisticated the total import works , the module is not usefull for larger shops i think (unless if i am doing someting wrong:o))

    it should have mentioned that in the discription what the limitations are



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    Picture 4 How will export

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    options, attributes are not showing up at xml or csv also module status shows always not active! but there is no way to activate that

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    I would love to see you add discount pricing as well.

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