Customer Import/Export - How to use

The Customer Import/Export Tool is a very powerful way to import and export customers to and from your store.

Here is how it works:


1. Generate or locate a CSV file. If you are using Excel you can make one of these by going Save As -> Save As Type: CSV(Comma delimited) (*.csv)


2. Take note of the headings of your file (the very first row)


3. Make sure you use the names in your header (from the file) in the fields in the Import Tool settings.


4. Press Import. If the customer already exists (based on email), they will be updated.

5. Check that the customers in your file are no in your store


Additional Options:

Skip Customers Where: <Field Name> contains <Value>, this option lets you skip importing certain customers where there is a set value. For example you may not with to export any customer where status=disabled. Or similar

CSV Field Delimiter: This lets you set the delimiter if you are using a different file type, e.g tab or | separated.



1. Select the data you want.


2. Press Export

Note: Passwords can not be exported, and customers with multiple addresses will be exported on multiple lines


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