Using Profiles

The Total Import PRO supports saving 'Profiles' of settings. This is a collection of the settings used from Step 1 -> Step 5.

Profiles can be used to easily load and update different suppliers or different sets of data, such as a full import, or just a stock quantity and price import.


To set up a profile complete Step 1 -> Step 5 as normal. In Step 5, then write a name of the profile you want:


Tip: If you need to update your profile, load it, run it from Step 1 - 5 then type in the same profile name in Step 5 and re-save

Once saved, you can load any profile on the Total Import PRO front page. Please note that once a profile is loaded, you will still need to complete at least Steps 1 / 3 and 5, to complete the import.



Once a profile has been saved it can also be used to run from cron.

Below you will also find a video explaining how work, and can be useful

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