Installing Total Import PRO into OpenCart 2.0

1) Upload the contents of the "Upload" folder to your OpenCart store via ftp.  No files should be overwritten.



2)  Add Total Import PRO to your system menu.  

      A)  Uploading the Install file

You may upload the included install.ocmod.xml file with the extension installer.  The install file will be found in your Total Import PRO folder with the and the upload folder.



3)  In your admin, edit your usergroup to have permissions on tool/total_import if it doesn't already.



4)  Increase the max_execution_time in your OpenCart installation admin/php.ini.  The default setting is 30 second.  This limit can be exceeded depending on the side of the feed and amount of products imported; so it is best to increase the max_execution_time before importing your feed.


5) You're finished!  You can now find your module under Tools > Total Import PRO

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  • Avatar
    Colin Brimson

    Its a bit buggy

  • Avatar
    Neeraj Sharma

    when i click on total import button... admin logout everytime

  • Avatar
    Neeraj Sharma

    Invalid token session. Please login again. this msg comming when i click on total improt link

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