Total Import PRO Dropshipper Setup - Pixmania PRO

This article will provide instructions on how to set up an import with the following dropshipper: PixMania PRO.

The following instructions are for OpenCart 1.5.6 (2.0 users see below):

Step 1: Install Total Import PRO

Step 2: The Initial Import

Wholesalers usually provide a complete stock feed with the total product data. If not, just use their live feed. You’ll want to make an initial import just to get all of your product information, including description, images, prices, and more, into your store’s catalog.

In Step 1 of Total Import PRO, import the Pixmania PRO feed from a URL, FTP, File System, or File Upload.  Choose the appropriate feed format, the semicolon delimiter, and select "Save & Continue."Screen_shot_2015-01-06_at_3.51.51_PM.png


Step 3:  Adjusting the Import Settings
In Step 2 of Total Import PRO, you can adjust your global settings according to your needs.  You will want to select "Yes" to "Subtract Stock," to ensure that you do not face any stock conflicts.  You may adjust weight, length, taxes, categories, and product fields according to your specifications.  Select "Yes" under "Download Remote Images.


You will not need to make modifications to Step 3 for PixMania PRO, but feel free to adjust your stock to -1 or -2 if you are worried that a stock conflict will occur between stock updates.  Select "Save and Continue" when you are finished with Step 4.

Step 4 of Total Import PRO is where you will have to make most of the adjustments, as you will have to map the PixMania PRO fields to match OpenCart fields.  You may configure your import to whatever fields you choose.



In Step 5 of Total Import PRO, you may select the tables you want to reset each time you update your PixMania PRO feed.  You should "Select all."  Under "New Items," choose "Add," which will add any new items to your feed.  Under "Existing Items," choose "Update" to update the status of all existing items in your store.  You will want to identify existing products by "SKU."  If the feed you are provided contains only changes to an existing feed, you will want to choose "ignore" under "Items in store but not in file."  However, if you are importing a complete feed, you will want to select "Delete," to delete any products that no longer exist in your dropshipper's feed.


Step 4: Save Your Profile and Complete Your Import
In the final step of your import (Step 5), an option will appear in the right top corner to save a new settings profile.  Once you have adjusted the settings below according to your needs, click "Save" to save your PIxManiaPRO profile.  This will keep you from having to alter your settings each time you fetch a dropshipper feed.  Once you have saved your profile, you may click "Import" to complete the import process.  You only need to save a settings profile once.  If you need to make changes to the settings, you may save a new profile.  Total Import PRO also allows for multiple dropshipper feeds.  Simply save each feed into a new settings profile.


The following instructions are for OpenCart 2.0:

Step 1: Install Total Import PRO

You may find instructions on how to install Total Import PRO into OpenCart 2.0 in our knowledge base article here:

Step 2: Fetch a PixMania PRO Feed

In 2.0, there is a preset profile for PixMania PRO in Total Import PRO, which makes the process much easier.


Simply choose "Pixmaniapro" and select "load" to import all your necessary settings.  If it is your first upload, you will need to go through each step.  If you are simply updating an existing feed, you may skip a few steps.

In Step 1, you will simply choose your feed source and corresponding feed file.  Then click the blue checkmark button to "Save and Continue."


Step 3: Adjust Settings

In Steps 2-5, you will not need to make any changes (unless you wish to make an adjustment to fields or settings), as the settings are preset.  Just click "Save and Continue" in each step. 

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