Why aren't my images working?

Please Note

The default image folder changed from OpenCart v1.5.x to v2.x.x. 

OpenCart v1.5.x - image/data

OpenCart v2.x.x - image/catalog


Uploading Images

Here is an example of how images must be uploaded for successful import, when done manually (this is the recommended approach):


Upload the image to:

image/data/laptop.jpg (v1.5.x)

image/catalog/laptop.jpg (v2.x.x)

Reference the image in your CSV or XML file:

data/laptop.jpg (v1.5.x)

catalog/laptop.jpg (v2.x.x)


Remote Images (CSV & Total Import PRO only)

OpenCart does not support remote images. You cannot specify an Image URL in the image field in OpenCart. Due to demand for this feature, the Total Import PRO provides image fetching functionality for you. The CSV Import PRO can also do it, but it is not recommended for more than 50 products per import.

When importing images from remote URL, the CSV/Total Import PRO will create the appropriate references to the images it fetches. You only need to map the field. It is only recommended that the Fetch Remote Images option be used when running the Total Import PRO from CLI or cron task. It is likely to take a lot longer to run an import while fetching images, which may lead to timeout issues if run from the OpenCart admin interface. If you are not familiar with CLI and cron tasks, we recommend the Image Fetcher option below.

Here is a video on downloading remote images with the Total Import PRO:


Image Fetcher

The Image Fetcher script magically fetches images for you on the frontend of your store as required. If you are unable to run the Total Import PRO from command line, you can just import the URL into the OpenCart image field with the Total Import PRO, and this script will take care of turning those URLs into the correct image location and path. This is the most simple approach to image fetching and we recommend it if you do not understand cron tasks and CLI.

Still not working?

Here are a few common reasons why images don't work:

  • Invalid filenames. If your files have funny names (spaces, unusual characters, etc) you may have issues importing them. Try changing the name, or if you are fetching from a URL append a ? to the end of your image field. This indicates to the image fetching functionality that the filenames should be normalized.
  • Images are uploaded to the wrong folder.
  • Images are incorrectly referenced in the CSV or XML file.
  • Image URLs are not correct or do not point to valid images.
  • If the image has been uploaded to the correct folder with the import tool, and is showing up as blank in the store front and admin; it is likely that the image folder and files do not have read and write permissions. This applies to fresh OpenCart installs in a server. Please use chmod to assign 777 or 755 permissions to the image folder and its contents, or contact your hosting provider to change the permissions for you.
If you check all these and still have issues, consider purchasing our Installation Service so we can diagnose the reason for you.
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  • Avatar
    Алексей Сысин

    please help!

    If I manually set the admin panel pictures, and then performed the "TOTAL IMPORT PRO" in the XML file whose fields otsutsvuyut images - the images will have the goods lost.

    the question?

    how to make the images did not disappear if there is no such field in <image> XML file?

    P.S. sorry for my english

  • Avatar
    Er Nishant Shukla04

    same question but in different think i have a xml feed from my supplier but all product come successfully from Total Import PRO i have also set cron  job its work correctly but i am Getting problem to get  "Images " form xml feed its show seem all correct but i don't know what is problem on feaching images not downloading to my server please help me thanks in advanced .

  • Avatar
    Milan Pantic

    Hi Justin, image downloading on Total Import Pro works great until my supplier change xml feed.The urls to pictures are still the same but no pictures after importing?

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