File encoding for imports

OpenCart handles most character sets correctly, and our import tools mimic this. Because OpenCart uses UTF-8 as the default character encoding it is important that all feed files and product sources are also UTF-8, especially if they contain diacritical or other non-standard characters. 漢字, åäö, úñ etc.

There are a few ways to ensure the right encoding in your CSV/XML file:


1. Open your file in Notepad++ or trusty windows Notepad

2. Select Save As -> Encoding

3. Ensure this is set to UTF-8, if it is not, set it to UTF-8 and import the file.


1. Run this command:

file -i <filename>

2. Check that the encoding returned is utf-8.

3. If it is not, run the following:

iconv -f <encoding from file -i> -t utf-8 source_file.txt > new_file.txt

4. Use the new file (new_file.txt) in your upload.

CSV/XML Technical Service

We offer a CSV/XML Technical Service if you require assistance with your file.

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