Why are my descriptions cut off?

OpenCart database structure

Product Descriptions are stored in the `product_description` table, in the `description` column of your OpenCart database. This is a text field, which imposes no limit on the size of the description field. There is no validation rule on the length of the description field. Similarly, our import tools do not apply any limitations on the length of the description field that you import.

Non-UTF8 characters

The most common reason for descriptions (or any other field) to be cut off is because there are non-UTF8 characters in that field. Typically PHP will cut off the description from the non-UTF8 character onward, so it is easy to figure out which character is causing the problem in each of your descriptions.

If you have many descriptions that have been cut off during import, the best solution is to convert your whole file to UTF8 before import. You can use our instructions to convert your file to UTF8.

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    Fabian Illanes

    Hi Justin.  Researching my issue regarding the length of product description in OpenCart has led me to this thread.  Unfortunately,  I disagree w/ your statement because of the following.  In testing your theory I copied the last line of my product description and pasted it over and over again until I found that no matter how many times i pasted it, the line was only being displayed a certain number times (not nearly close to the number of actual times I pasted).  

    I did check my DB admin and you are right that there is no limit restriction per-say from the db admin side but still no clear answer. 

    I was hoping maybe you could help make sense of this.  

    Thank you. 

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