Acceptable CSV import format

A CSV File is a delimited file. The delimiter is the character that separates each column of data, usually this is a comma but any character can be used as a delimiter in a CSV file.

The basis of a CSV file is that it has a headings on the first line, and each column represents a set, or item of data. Each subsequent row then has an item containing the related heading's information.


Example CSV:

title, price, description
Lamp, $14.00, Small desk lamp to light up your life.


If your description contains a ',' the field needs to be quoted:

Lamp,  $14.00, "Small desk lamp, to light up your life."


The easiest way to ensure the correct format of your CSV file is to generate it in Microsoft Excel (or similar software) and choose Save As -> Comma Delimited (CSV) file to save it.

Please note: the Microsoft Excel 2003 version does not save CSV files correctly. You will need to use different software (such as Open Office) if you only have this version.

If you are using a Mac, you will need to choose 'CSV Windows' file type.

Please see the attached files for a sample CSV feed for either OpenCart or PrestaShop, suitable for upload with CSV Import PRO or Total Import PRO.

CSV/XML Technical Service

 We offer technical service if you require assistance with your file. Please leave us a new ticket in our helpdesk:, to enquire about this service 

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