Acceptable XML import format

XML Import PRO requires valid XML. This document outlines XML file requirements

With multiple products, you would add multiple products in the XML file. XML can take a number of forms but here is an easy example.

Example XML:


    <title>Title 1</title>
    <description>This is our product</description>

    <title>Title 2</title>
    <description>This is our second product</description>


When the product tag (shown above in red) is set as 'product', you can then import two products.

There are two other basic rules of XML files.

One is that the tag can never contain a space, e.g <product description>.

Also, the content of each tag should be XML encoded. That is, it can not contain any character like '&', '<' or '>'. These characters need to be set as '&amp;', '&lt;' and '&gt;' etc.* Alternatively a CDATA tag can be used to cover the entire content of a field.

*Note: do not include quotation marks.

XML Encoded content

<description>This is our second product &amp; it has a description</description>

CDATA to avoid encoding

<description><![CDATA[This is our second product & it has a description]]></description>

You can read more on the XML format at:

Please see the attached files for an example of the XML format for either OpenCart or PrestaShop, suitable for upload with our XML Import PRO and Total Import PRO import tools.

CSV/XML Technical Service

We offer a CSV/XML Technical Service if you require assistance with your file.

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  • Avatar
    Enrico Sorg

    XML Product Tag: what do I put there ????????? I did al of them '&', '<' and '&gt but nothing is uploading get message ( Success: Feed fetched and parsed. Ready for import: 0;) ?????

  • Avatar
    Juno Papula

    Enrico, it is enough to put PRODUCT
    not <PRODUCT>

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