How to make my import faster

The speed our tools import at depends on a lot of different factors. We estimate that you should be able to import around 500 products per second.

Updating products is a lot slower than adding products, so if you have a lot of existing products in your import then this will slow things down.

Speed up tips:

Use the Simple Stock Update feature in step 4 of Total Import PRO, this is designed to be a lot quicker if your import fits the use case. You can read more about using Simple Stock Update here - Simple Stock Update Documentation

- Set up your import to run from a cron task. Running your import from a cron task can avoid limitations set in your PHP settings. You can read more about settings up cron tasks here - Cron Import Documentation

- Import using Partial imports. If your imports are taking too long because you are importing a large number of products, you can break down your imports by importing them in smaller parts.  For example, you can set the product range from 1-5000 products for the first import, then 5000-10000 for the next import.

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