Step 2 - Global Settings (Total Import Pro For PrestaShop)

Global settings are applied to every new product imported into the store. With the exception of the category and image settings, only new products will be assigned these fields. Pre-existing products will retain their existing global settings, which cannot be changed through an import.


Availability Settings: These settings determine the text displayed when a product is in-stock, when allowed to be back-ordered, and how to treat items when they go out of stock.

Default Product Status: Determines whether a product defaults to enabled or disabled.

Options: Determines whether a product is Available for order, whether the price is shown, and if an item is online only.

Visibility: Determines how your product will be shown, if it appears in catalog only, search only, everywhere, or nowhere.

Condition: Determines what condition the product is in, new, used, or refurbished.

Store:  The store(s) you wish to import products to (for multistore).




Download Remote Images:  Whether the script should attempt to download images from URLs in your feed. Downloading remote images is likely to increase how long your import takes to complete.

Generate Thumbnails: If you want thumbnails to be generated for your images.

Delete Images:  Delete a product's pre-existing images when updating an product.

Identify Categories by: This determines how you would like to identify categories, either by name or by category ID.

Remove Categories:  Removes categories associated to product prior to adding new category associations.

Discount: If you are importing a discount, this determines if you are importing a percentage or an amount.

Unit for Unit Price field: This determines what will be displayed beside the unit price, eg: kg, lb, m, inch, etc.

Accessories Matching Field: This determines the matching field for Accessories.

Product Pack Matching Field: This determines the matching field for Product Packs.

Attribute Group  Type: This determines what type new attribute groups created for combinations will be.

Stock Movement Label: This determines your stock movement label for advanced warehouse stock management.

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