Step 1 - Fetch Feed (Total Import Pro For PrestaShop)



Feed Source:  Specify where the feed should come from. This can be either an uploaded File, a path to a local file, a URL, or FTP

Depending on your choice you will get one of these options.

- URL -

Import Feed URL:  If you choose File it will change to a File upload box. Specify the URL for the file here.

- FTP -

FTP Server: Specify the address of the FTP server here.

Username: Specify the username for your FTP login here.

Password: Specify the password for your FTP login here.

Absolute path to file: Specify the absolute path to the feed file on the FTP server. An absolute path, or full path, means the path contains the root directory and all other sub directories. e.g /home/users/feed_host/public_html/feeds/feed.xml

- File System -

Import Feed Local File Path: Specify the absolute path to a file on your local filesystem. e.g C:\Users\Matt\Product_Feeds\feed.xml


Feed Format:  Specify whether your feed is XML or CSV format.

CSV Field Delimiter:  Determines character used to split your CSV file columns.

XML Product Tag:  If you are uploading an XML file, you will need to specify the product tag surrounding each product (see details previous page). If you are uploading a CSV file, you will need to specify the delimiter used in your file.


First Row Is Headings:  Untick this if your first CSV row is not headings, just product values.

Use Safe Headings:  If there are blank heading rows, or invalid characters in your headings this will use default heading values instead.

Unzip Feed:  If you upload a zip file, or the URL you specify hosts a zip file, the module can automatically unzip it once it is fetched. Check the box to enable this functionality.

File Encoding:  The file encoding of your file. If you have a non UTF-8 file, or characters are not importing correctly. Change this to match your import file.

Cron Import Fetch: If this option is ticked then Total Import PRO will only fetch the first row of your product feed so you can configure an import profile with the correct settings and then import by CLI or Cron Task. This option is recommended for large product feeds.

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  • Avatar
    can not upload one file

    see details previous page i not see details I need the product tag for xml files

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    Kevin Taylor

    Using the demo store for Total Import PRO I can import my csv file from my suppliers website.

    But after buying and installing Total Import PRO on my prestashop website, it keeps returning an error when I try to go to the field mappings.

    The error I keep getting is:
    Warning: Your Feed contained no valid lines, please check your feed and try again

    I know this warning is false because I loaded the exact same identical csv file URL on the demo store.

    I need my store to function just like the demo store or I'll have to dispute the charge to my card and get a refund.

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