Step 4 - Field Mapping (Total Import Pro For PrestaShop)


Field Mapping

Field mapping allows you to match your field names or headings to be imported to PrestaShop’s available fields.  The CSV column headings or the XML tag names do not have to match PrestaShop's fields.

 Also, there is no minimum number of fields that must be inputted, so any or all fields can be left blank—these fields will be given sensible default values in each product where required.

 If you wish to deliberately overwrite a field to a null value (for example, you wish to remove the special price of the products), reference a field that is empty in your file.  This way the module will import the empty value as the new special price and thus ‘delete’ the existing special price.


Product Status: This takes a binary value 0/1 but can also handle disabled/no/off and will treat other values as 1

Category:  Products can be imported with nested categories (e.g., “Computers > Desktop”); add sub-category fields by clicking the More è button and adding a vertical column. Multiple categories can be added for products by selecting the More ê button creating another row.  This allows products to belong to more than one category (e.g. “DVDs” and “Digital files”)

Options: If product options are specified these can override the global options set in Step 2 for Available for order, Show Price, and Online only.  The format for this field is <available_for_order>:<online_only>:<show_price>. You do not have to set a value for all of them, if you only want to change the item to online only then you would just leave the other two sections blank. e.g :1:

Image: This field takes the path to an image on your server. E.g 'data/image.jpg'. If you enabled 'Download Remote Images' in Step 2 this field can also take a URL to the location of the image.

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    Manuel Boira

    I've tried to import nested categories with 2.0.0 version without a success result. Could you add an example for this feature with pictures? Thanks in advance.

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