How to import Features?

Below is a description and examples of importing different product features. For a sample CSV file, please copy and paste this following link into a new window for CSV:

Each product feature you wish to import must have its own field in your CSV file, or its own tag in your XML file. If you wish to import Size and Color, you will have a column for each.




The CSV column name, or XML tag name will be the name of your feature. If the feature name does not already exist in your store, then a new feature will be created.

 Add Multiple Features

If you wish to import multiple features then you can press the "More" button beside the feature field to add additional fields for your import.step4_more.PNG

 Choosing the position of your features (optional)

You can optionally import your features in a slightly different format, which is perfect if you wish to choose the position in which your features appear.
You can do so by following this format:


In this format, your headings would look like this:

product_name, reference, feature1, feature2, feature3, feature4

Then, you can set your features as follows:



 Each feature will still require its own field in a CSV file or product tag in a XML file.

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