How do I import product packs?

Total Import PRO will create product packs after the import is complete. You can include the name, reference, product id, upc, or ean13 as the identifier for product(s) you wish to include in the pack. Multiple products can be added to the pack for a product. There is one product per pack field. 

In the following feed example, each product will import a pack with 1 product identified by it's reference field. This field is "pack". The Printed Dress will be included as a pack for the Faded Short Sleeve T-shirts product after the import has created each product. 



Faded Short Sleeve T-shirts,demo_1,demo_3

Printed Dress,demo_3,,



<product_name>Printed Dress</product_name>





<product_name>Faded Short Sleeve T-shirts</product_name>




Select the product matching field in Step 2: Global Settings (Optional)


In Step 4: Information, map each pack product field to Pack Product. Click "More" to create more fields. 


After the import, the product will be created as a pack. To see the results, edit the product and under the Information section and the pack product will be listed. The product type will always be "Pack of existing products" instead of "Standard or Virtual product".



Note: Products with downloads are considered Virtual Products, so you cannot create a pack with them. 

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