How do I import discounts? (Specific Price)

In PrestaShop, discounts are imported as specific prices. Specific prices can be assigned to a product combination, store currency, country, and customer group. You can also specify whether the discount is a fixed amount or a reduction in amount or percentage. Specific prices are made in the Prices tab when creating or editing a product in the admin catalog:


Total Import PRO allows you to import the above specific price fields for a product if you follow a basic format.

Specific Prices (Simple)

The easiest way to import a discount is to enter a value for the discount based on the percentage or amount you want to remove from the price of your product in your feed. When the specific price is formed, this value will be the "impact". Total Import PRO only requires this value in your feed to import a discount.
Default values are assigned to the specific price for the rest of the fields for date, customer group, etc. The default values are:

  • Combination: All Combinations
  • Currency: All Currencies
  • Country: All Countries
  • Group: All Groups
  • Customer: All Customers
  • Period: Unlimited
  • From (quantity):  1

If you want to specify the above fields in your feed, skip to the Advanced section of this article. 

Let's walk through an example for importing a discount with a product. First, format your feed.

CSV example:




XML example:






With this example, we will update our demo_1 product with the new discount. It will not overwrite the price unless you map a field to the price field. This will only upload a specific price.

In Step 2 > Global Settings (Optional) of Total Import PRO, select the type of discount you want:  


Continue through the steps until you reach Step 4. Map the discount field from your feed to the PrestaShop specific price field:


Continue through to Step 5 and import your feed. The discount will create this new specific price for the demo_1 product:


NOTE: Updating a product with a specific price does not remove previous set specific prices, but only adds new ones. 

Specific Prices (Advanced)

Total Import PRO allows for a specific format to upload more than the impact field for the specific product. If you require the following fields, you will need to follow this format:

  • New base or fixed price
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Shop id
  • Currency id
  • Customer id
  • Customer group

The format for importing these field is as follows:


  • discount: the percentage or amount of the discount.
  • fixed_price: the new base price for the discount. Set discount to 0 if you wish to only import the new base price without the discount. Set to -1 if you wish to leave the base price for the discount. 
  • from_date: the first day the discount is in effect (period). The best date format is Y-m-d or Y-m-d H:i:s. Set to 0000-00-00 for an unlimited period.
  • to_date: the last day the discount is in effect (period). The best date format is Y-m-d or Y-m-d H:i:s. Set to 0000-00-00 for an unlimited period.
  • quantity: starting at # units, 1 for default (required)
  • id_shop: the id of the shop the discount affects. Set to 0 for all shops.
  • id_currency: the id of the currency that this discount affects. Set to 0 for all currencies.
  • id_customer: the id of the customer that this discount affects. Set to 0 for all customers.
  • id_group: the id of the customer group this discount affects. Set to 0 for all customer groups.

Only the discount is required to import a specific price, but if you wish to import more than one you must import all the fields in between discount and the last field you need. Here is an example of some acceptable formats:




To import this format, simply map your feed's discount field to the Specific Price field(s) in Step 4 > Prices. Total Import PRO will recognize your values in that format and import them accordingly. 

Importing Multiple Discounts

To import multiple discounts for a product, simply create a new feed field per discount and map each discount to a PrestaShop specific price field in Step 4 > Prices. 

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