How to import Attributes/Combinations?

Total Import PRO makes it possible to create new combinations for products, as well as update existing combinations.

Attributes and Single Combinations

A combination is composed of two parts: the attribute name and the attribute value.  The attribute name will be the title of the attribute, such as “size” or “color," and the attribute value will be the value for that attribute, such as “small,” “medium,” “red,” and/or “green.” 

In Step 4 of the Total Import PRO import, there is a row for “Attribute Name” and “Attribute Value” under the combinations tab.


If you wish to import a single combination, you would simply need to include the combination information in the same row (if you are using a CSV file) or in the same product tag (if you are using a XML file) as the rest of your product information.

Attributes that do not currently exist in your store will automatically be created.  If they do exist, Total Import PRO will recognize the existing attribute.

If your header represents your attribute name, then you can map your attribute as "Attribute Name," and leave the "Attribute Value" field blank.

Update an Existing Combination

In order to update an existing combination, the setting called "Identify Existing Combinations by Matching Field" in Step 5 of import must be used.  You can set this to identify your existing combinations by either Reference, UPC, or EAN13/JAN.

Add Multiple Combinations to a Product

If you have more than one combination to import for a single product, then you need to have a new field/product tag and row for each combination in your feed, as well as a field to identify the product you wish to update.

This is the format you will want to follow in your feed:
product_reference, attribute_name, attribute_value, combination_reference

For example, if you were importing a product with a UPC of 123, and wished to import two combination of colors (green and red), your file should look as follows:

=For CSV=

123, Color, Red, 123RED

123, Color, Green, 123GREEN

= For XML=













Rows with Multiple Combinations

If each combination does not have its own row in your feed, Total Import PRO contains an Operation in Step 3 that allows you to separate the rows without duplicating your products.

For more information on how to use this Operation, see our How to Split Combinations into Separate Rows article.

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