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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the upload fail?

An upload can fail due to limits imposed by your server in its PHP configuration, either in its restriction of the maximum file size that can be uploaded or the maximum time it will allow a operation to run. If you are unable to change the PHP configuration to avoid this error, these errors could be avoided by splitting the file into several smaller files and uploading them individually, or using the URL feed upload method.

Why weren't my fields updated when I chose “Add/Update”?

Categories and some other fields are unable to be updated during an import and must be manually updated.


What is the correct format to use for prices?

Price fields must include a period (.) to denote the decimal place for cents - any commas included in the price field will be removed by the module on upload.


How long will it take to import 1000 products?

CSV Import PRO is fast. We estimate it will import around 500 products per second. Most of the time is for the initial file upload normally. We have users importing 65,000 products. The only limitations are your PHP settings on your server. If the process is slow, this may be attributed to downloading remote images, which is a slow process in PrestaShop as the image must be resized multiple times. It is not recommended for more than 500 remote products per import.

What version of PrestaShop does this module work with?

CSV Import PRO supports PrestaShop versions 1.5.x and up. However, the PrestaShop release schedule can be rapid and unexpected. If you get the latest PrestaShop version when this is next released, we may not have an update available immediately. The wait time should take a couple weeks, as we must resubmit our module to the PrestaShop addon store to be approved for use in the latest version. Our team is prepared to make our modules work with every future release of PrestaShop. 

What are “Missed Products”?

Any row in your CSV file that doesn’t have the correct number of columns is missed by CSV Import PRO. There is no way to verify which column has been missed and it is safer to skip the row. If you get this error, you should check the format of your CSV feed:

What are “Skipped Products”?

These are products that match the criteria you chose on Step 4 of the import settings in admin, to Skip Products WHERE COLUMN contains VALUE. If you do not use this field, Skipped Products should always show 0.

I have added extra fields to my PrestaShop database but I do not see them in the CSV Import PRO module.

The module support most default PrestaShop fields, we could not guess in advance what  other fields might be added by other developers, or how these have been added. Therefore, the module will not magically support extra fields. We can quote to add fields in an PrestaShop-friendly way, and make the necessary modifications to our module if you need this functionality. 

Does CSV Import PRO support product attributes or combinations?

Due to the number of different ways that product options can be represented in a CSV file, the module does not support the import of product attributes or combinations. We are looking at creating a solution for this for our more advanced import tool, Total Import PRO. Stay tuned!


Can I import multiple languages from my feed into one field?

Currently CSV Import PRO only allows you to import one language per feed. This can be in any language, but it will be assigned to each language in your store. For example, if your product name is "Telephone", and your store contains French and English. "Telephone" will be shown as the product name for both French and English in your store front. 

What if I want CSV Import PRO to do something that it doesn’t?

We have done many different customizations for users of this module, adding custom fields, adding custom logic and more. Let us know what you’re requiring and we will quote for this on a case by case basis.

Can I run CSV Import PRO on a cron job?

Because the module requires you to be logged in to admin before running, you cannot run it on a cron. There is a program called Selenium that you can download for free which will allow the login and import to be automated to some extent. We will support cron in our future release of Total Import PRO. 


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