How do I import downloads and attachments?

Uploading Downloadable Products

Downloads and attachments must be uploaded to the download folder in PrestaShop. CSV Import PRO does not accept remote links to downloads/attachments currently. They can be located anywhere in the download folder, if located in a folder inside of the download folder, the path must be specified. Here is an example of how products must be uploaded for successful import, this has to be done manually:

Upload the products to:


Reference the image in your CSV or XML file:


CSV Import PRO will convert the names of files into a unique hash using microtime and sha1. If you check the product in the admin you will see the original name of the file assigned as its download or attachment.





Appearance of Download in the admin under Virtual Product:



NOTE: Uploading a download will turn your product into a Virtual Product. Uploading attachments will not. 

Appearance of Attachment in the admin under Attachments:


Not working?

Here are a few common reasons why downloadable products don't work:

  • Invalid filenames. If your files have funny names (spaces, unusual characters, etc) you may have issues importing them. Try changing the name.
  • Downloads are uploaded to the wrong folder.
  • Downloads are incorrectly referenced in the CSV file.
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