Step 2: Field Mapping (CSV Import PRO for PrestaShop)

Field mapping allows users to match their own field names or headings in the file to be imported to PrestaShop’s predetermined fields. The CSV column headings do not have to match PrestaShop’s fields. This is especially useful for product feed headings that contain different languages. Also, there is no minimum number of fields that must be inputted, so any or all fields can be left blank these fields will be given no value in PrestaShop’s Product page.

Below are the total PrestaShop fields you can map with CSV Import PRO. Certain fields allow you to map more than one column per field:




The impact type can be selected in Step 3: Adjust Data. If you select Amount, the value in the feed column will be the discount impact, such as a value of 10.00 will be 10.00 off the final price. If you select Percentage, the discount impact for a value of 10 will be 10% of the final price.

Eco Tax

This is imported as an amount, not as a percentage. If you set this field to 10.00, this will add 10.00 to the retail price creating a final price.


Products can be imported in the PrestShop Parent Category > Sub Category structure (e.g., “Computers > Desktop”); add subcategory fields by clicking the More -> button and adding a vertical column. Multiple categories can be added for products by selecting the More -> button creating another row. This allows products to belong to more than one category (e.g. “DVDs” and “Digital files”). 

CSV Import PRO will search your database for the categories mapped in category fields. If it discovers the category, it will assign that category id to the product. If it does not recognize the category, it will create a new category under the Home category.

Important: CSV Import PRO expects all categories to be located in your Home category . It will not recognize categories not in the Home category, and will create all new categories inside of the Home category. 

You may also import categories with a delimiter. You may specify the delimiter in Step 3


CSV Import PRO will allow you to import new carrier names, but you will need to set the Delay message manually from the Shipping > Carriers > Edit menu.



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Delimiter Fields

CSV Import PRO allows you to import more than one value if you specific a delimiter in Step 3 for the following fields: Meta Keyword, Tags, Categories.


Tag (from the feed): "telephone|electronic|cordless"

In Step 3, set delimiter to | for Tags.


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