Step 4: Import (CSV Import PRO for PrestaShop)

This page is where you run the import from once your settings and mappings are all ready. First, choose what type of import you want to run - add, update or reset. Next, if there are any products you want to exclude from the import, you can say exclude any products which have <field> with this <value>. For example, you may want to exclude all items where stock is 0. You would put stock in the column field and 0 in the value field. Finally, either upload a file or enter a url in the field provided and click import.


Import Type:
ADD—This option will only add new products, no existing products will be modified

Update Based on Field: This option requires that a matching field is selected, either Reference, Name, EAN13, or UPC 
(whichever of these is chosen must be mapped at Step 2); this option will add all new products; if
any products already exist in the catalog that match an imported product based on either Name, Reference, EAN13, or UPC, they will be updated with the imported data

Delete Images: Delete the images associated to the products you are updating by selecting Yes. If the image fields are mapped with this setting set to No, the images will be added to the product with the pre-existing images still set to the product.

Delete Categories: Remove category associations for a updated product to by selecting Yes. For example, if a product is assigned to Category 1; and your category field has a different category named Category 2 in your feed; you can choose to delete the Category 1 association and only associate to Category 2. If you choose No for this field, the updated product will be associated to both Category 1 and Category 2 in this example.

RESET—This option will erase the entire current product catalog and replace it with the imported data.

Skip Products Where: Optional field to skip certain products:

COLUMN — Enter the CSV heading or XML tag name from the file being imported.
WHERE — Enter what the value of the CSV heading or XML tag name should be for the products to be skipped.

Import Feed File: Choose the file to be uploaded if being uploaded from hard drive.

Import Feed URL: Enter the URL if the file is to be uploaded directly from URL.

Unzip Feed: Only for URL; if the file is zipped, check this to unzip it.


Still got questions?

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