Any Feed - Getting Started

The Any Feed module allows you to create feeds for your 3rd party requirements. Or if you just need to edit some data and then re-import it.

Getting started with the Any Feed module is very easy.

First install Any Feed by uploading the zip under Modules > Add a new module. Once completed you can find the module under Modules > Any Feed. Click configure to access the module. 

Once inside the first thing you want to do is create a new feed:


You can then select a name for the feed. And choose if you want to use a pre-existing feed setup or an empty feed. 


Once completed your new feed is added to the page. You can now drag the fields you want included in the feed from the top fields area into your feed. Any field included in the feed, will be exported in the chosen feed.


If you wish to modify the appearance of the field name in your feed; you can modify the field name like so: 


Continue to drag the fields you wish to include in your feed into the fields in the feed box. Once your fields have been added, decide the feed type (XML or CSV) and delimiter for your feed.


Once you are done, don't forget to save as the feed will not be available until it has been saved:


The above feed will be available at the following url: http://<store_url>/modules/anyfeed/feed.php?name=my_new_feed

Feel free to add as many feeds as you wish!



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