What Should I Know Before Purchasing a HostJars Import Tool?


  1. 3rd Party Modules and Compatibility
  2. HostJars Support
  3. File Size Limitations
  4. Options and Categories


3rd Party Modules and Compatibility

We cannot guarantee compatibility with any 3rd party modules or core modifications you may have in your OpenCart store.  Since we have no way of knowing how other developers are modifying the OpenCart core to build their own products, we cannot be sure that their tools will not interfere with the functionality of our tools.

Our developers do offer an optional custom work service if you are interested in making your existing modules compatible with our tools.
Otherwise, if you face an error due to a module incompatibility, we recommend that you disable your 3rd party extension in order for our tools to function properly.
Since we do not provide refunds, we recommend you exercise caution when choosing your modules.

HostJars Support - What does “free support” mean?

We provide free troubleshooting support for our import tools and modules (excluding our free modules) through our Support Team in our HelpDesk, which is made up of advanced users of OpenCart and HostJars modules.  Any errors that can be replicated in our demo stores will receive free support.
However, if you face a problem or error that you cannot replicate in our demo store, it is likely due to a problem with your server or a modification in your OpenCart core.  In this case, you will need to contact our Tech Team.  In order to engage our technicians, you will need to purchase Technical Assistance.

Any problem short of needing to access your backend, however, will be handled for free by our Support Team.  It is only when there is a more technical issue that arises from a problem unrelated to our product that paid assistance becomes necessary.

We stand by our products.  If you purchase Technical Assistance and our technicians discover that the error was due to a bug or problem with our product, the problem will be fixed for you, and you will receive a full refund for the price of Technical Assistance.

File Size Limitations

Our Total Import PRO tool does not have limitations to the number of products or images it can upload.  Your only limitations would be a bandwidth limit from your web host or hard drive space.

Our CSV Import PRO can accommodate about 3000 products or 3mb in file size.
Our XML Import PRO can accommodate about 2000 products or 3mb in file size.

If you would like to see our products side by side, see our product comparison page here (

Options and Categories

Total Import PRO requires a specific format for importing options and categories.
We have an article on option formatting here, and an article on category formatting here.

Because we understand that CSV/XML fields can vary greatly, we have provided a number of operations/modifications you can make you to fields in bulk in Step 3 of import to help you more easily adhere to these required formats.

The best way to find out if our tools (and which tools) work best for you is to test your feed(s) in our demo store.

If you have any questions about any of these policies, your experience with our demo store, or which module will be best suited for your needs, please contact our Support Team through our HelpDesk.

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