Convert Excel files to CSV files:

In this article we will teach you how to simply convert your Excel spreadsheet to a .CSV (Comma separated value) formatted document.


Convert to CSV with Excel installed:

1. Open your document in Excel, and look for the 'File' button up the top left.


2. Once in the 'File' settings, look for the Save as button to click. Once you have clicked this a file explorer will open asking you where you would like to save your document.


3. Inside the File explorer you will see the name of your document displayed down below. To change this file to a .CSV type you will need to simply write '.csv' at the end of your file name.


Alternatively you are able to use the 'Save as Type:' functionality. If you decide to do this you will have to pick from the list the 'CSV (Comma Delimited).



4. After you have completed step 3 you can click save down the bottom right, and then you will have a new .CSV file which contains the information of your Excel SpreadSheet.

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