How to set up a Cron Import for PrestaShop

Total Import PRO allows you to create automatic imports if your web server supports creating Cron Tasks.

Automatic imports are perfect for automatically keeping your product details such as stock and price up to date, and for importing large files which would normally take a long time to complete when run through the web browser.


Step 1. Create your Import Profile

To run a Cron Task you will need to create an Import Profile which contains the settings for your import. Start from step 1 in Total Import PRO and work through each step until you get to step 5, there you will find a button called "Save Settings Profile" which lets you name your Import Profile.

Step 2. Create your Cron Task

If you would like to set up your Cron Task using the CPanel, please see this article: Creating a Cron Task from CPanel

The path to your cron_index.php file in PrestaShop is:



You can also set up your Cron Tasks by using the built in Cron Tasks Manager module.

Create a new Cron Task and set the target to:

Hostjars_Cron_123 is the default key, however we recommend you update this by modifying your cron_index.php file.

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    I dunno how, but this module is not working at all. I can import 3 products, but when it comes to 10 000 its game over. Either Cron or Ajax import.

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