How Do I Use a Coupon?

HostJars provides upgrade coupons for customers who have purchased XML Import PRO or CSV Import PRO and wish to upgrade to Total Import PRO or a Product Import/Export package.  If you are interested in upgrading, please leave us a ticket in our HelpDesk!

If you wish to apply a coupon code to your purchase, you will first have to add your item to your shopping cart.

Then, you will have to click "View Cart" to use your coupon.  You have to use your coupon code in your shopping cart.  There is no field for your code during checkout.
Once you have accessed your cart, you will click "Use Coupon Code in the bottom left corner.  This will open a field for you to input your coupon code.


Once you click "Apply Coupon," you will see your coupon code applied to your purchase.


Once your coupon is applied, you may continue shopping or continue to checkout!

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