How do i use Auto Module?



Auto Module is a powerful tool that facilitates the creation of other modules on your OpenCart store by allowing you to create customizable templates to kickstart your module development.

A Module is a template that will be placed where you choose on your OpenCart store. The Auto Module will create the backend file structure for you, creating all .tpl, and .php files ready for customization.

Once your module is created and placed on your frontend you will be able to edit your catalog/view/ files adding HTML, Javascript, CSS. 

These modules can be used anywhere in your Opencart store making creating sections a breeze. 

Module Section:

The first thing to do in this section is to give your Module a name this name will be used as the heading of your module. The heading is used in all filenames, and is how you identify the module on the Modules Extensions list.

If your modules need model files then these checkboxes are used to add the corresponding frontend/backend model files.  

Fields Section:

This is where you will be setting up the fields of your Module. These fields will be used to add extra information to your module once it has been created, and installed onto your OpenCart store.

You can see below how these fields are displayed once the module has been installed:


Layout Section:

You use the Layout section to tell your Module you are about to create what columns you want it displaying when creating. If you want this module to have no position, you would for example untick 'position'.

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