How Do I Install My Module into OC2.x?

This article will show you how to install your module using a FTP client such as Filezilla.

You may find your file in the Downloads section of your account, as illustrated here.
Once you have downloaded your module, open Filezilla (or your chosen equivalent).  

Log in to your directory to public_html/opencart, and you can begin your installation in four easy steps!

In this example, I will be installing our PriceMe Feed.  If you are installing a module, the instructions are the same.  You will just enable your module under System>Modules instead of System>Feeds.

1) Upload the "Admin" and "Catalog" folder to your OpenCart store via ftp.  No files should be overwritten.

2) Give yourself permissions to access/modify your module under System>User Groups

3) Click on Settings>Feeds (or Settings>Modules if you are installing a module)

4) Install and enable your feed or module, and your new tool is ready to use!

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