Getting Started with XML Import PRO

XML Import PRO is an easy-to-use, four-step import tool that allows users to import products in bulk from a XML file.

It is best for you if...

  • Your supplier, wholesaler, dropshipper or inventory provider gives you an XML file
  • You wish to run each import manually from your admin interface
  • You only have a single file to import
  • You don't need to import any product options, downloads, advanced attributes, or settings.
  • Your product list is smaller than around 2000 products, or 3mb in file size
  • Your images are already on your server

If these features do not fulfill your import requirements, see our "Which Module Do I Need?" article here to see our import tools side by side (or here for PrestaShop users).

The best way to assess whether or not XML Import PRO will work well for you is to test your feeds in our fully functioning demostore.  We have a demo available for both OpenCart and PrestaShop!

Although XML Import PRO is available for both OpenCart and PrestaShop platforms, the tools are different versions and are not compatible with both platforms, so please ensure you purchase the correct version for your store.

Purchase for OpenCart

Purchase for PrestaShop

To get started with the XML Import PRO, we offer an Installation Service. If you have any issues with the installation of any of our products, this is our recommendation. We will refund the price of the installation if the issue is found to be due to a bug. Most installation issues are due to core modifications or incompatible modules that have been installed. Our installation service offers a quick solution to these issues as we are experts on our own software!

Already installed XML Import PRO?

We have articles detailing each step of XML Import PRO, I recommend following along each step when creating your first import.

OpenCart Articles

  1. Global Settings
  2. Field Mapping
  3. Adjust Data
  4. Import

If you require any assistance with your XML or CSV files, we offer a Technical Assistance service. We can check your file for you to diagnose any errors. We also guarantee all of our import tools to work with any CSV or XML file we have verified prior to purchase.

If you have any further questions, please consult our Help Center, or contact our customer support team. We are happy to help you with any problems you may have, and can usually get customers up and running in next to no time with our modules.

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