Step 4 - Import (XML Import PRO for OpenCart)

Step 4 of import provides options for how the import will affect the existing store and products.

Import Type:  Allows users to choose how the existing products are to be treated.  

  • "Add" will simply add the products from the feed and leave the preexisting products untouched
  • "Add/Update" will add new products and update any products from the feed that already exist in the store
  • "Reset" will reset the store, including all products and categories

Skip Products Where:  Allows the skipping of any products based on a matching value.  For example, you could skip all products in your Category column that contains the value "Pants".  This would exclude any products from the "Pants" category.

Import Feed File:  Where local feeds will be imported via upload.

Import Feed URL:  Where remote feeds will be imported via URL.  An option to unzip a URL feed is available, if necessary.

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