Step 1 - Global Settings (XML Import PRO for OpenCart)

Step 1 of import allows you to apply settings to your products.  Be sure you do not neglect to set a product tag for your XML file, or the import will fail.

Default Stock Status:  Determines the default stock status all products will be given upon import

Subtract Stock:  Determines the default value given for Subtract Stock for all products.

Default Product Status: Determines whether the products imported will be enabled or disabled

Default Weight Class:  The default weight measurement to be used for all products

Default Length Class: The default length measurement to be used for all products

Default Tax Class:  The default tax class for all products

Store: Allows you to choose which store to import all products into

Add Categories to Top Bar: Allows newly created categories to be automatically assigned to show in the top navigation bar

Download remote images:  Allows the script to download images from URLs in feed.  Downloading remote images is not recommended for feeds larger than 500 products, as the download and import is likely to timeout.

Product Tag:  A product tag, or the specific tag surrounding each product in the XML feed, is required for import. The tag can never contain a space, and they must match the product tag in the feed exactly, including capitalization.

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