How to Split Combinations Into Separate Rows

In order for combinations to be imported into PrestaShop correctly, each must have its own row.  If each combination does not have its own row in your feed, Total Import PRO contains an Operation in Step 3 that allows you to separate the rows without duplicating your products.  This Operation is called "Split Combination into Separate Rows."

This feature lets you choose an identifying field for your product, such as a reference number, a field for the delimiter the combinations are to be split on, and the combination field(s) that needs to be split into multiple rows.

After choosing the "Split combinations into separate rows" Operation in Step 3, the following fields will appear:

You will first choose the product identifier, or the unique field that you use to match your products.
Then you will choose which field to split your combination fields on, such as a comma or ^ or whatever the delimiter is for your combinations.
Lastly, you will identify the combination field(s) you wish to split.  
If you have more than one combination field to split, you can click the "more" button and map them in the same format.

In the following example, there are two combination fields that need to be split into separate rows- Size and Color.

After the Operation Type is chosen, the product identifier is set to the product reference.  This will identify which product the combinations will be attributed to.  Then, the delimiter (which is | in this case) is selected to split the combination fields.  The field "Size" is chosen, and the "More" button has allowed "Color" to also be chosen.
If a mistake is made, you can simply remove a combination from the Operation by clicking the small blue x to the right of the field.

This Operation will properly split the combinations without compromising product identification.

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